Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Firebox – The ultimate unique and surprise presents – Part Two!

Board games. Card games. Cat stacking. Stormtrooper Gin. Anime.

Firebox.com truly are beautiful angels of delight, spreading joy across the known universe* (*via invisible space couriers) like Unicorns with extra super-cool Unicorns hidden behind them, like an extra slice of cake that everyone else missed, like otters that resemble Benedict Cumberbatch and the point is: We’re absolutely huge fans of Firebox and everything they stand for!

Want to know more? You’re in the right place. Direct from the Critical Popcorn team to you, we have recommendations from the cult-favourites, to the geek-needs and must-have 2019 presents spectrum as we’ve literally been enjoying a selection of their finest original games, wonderfully unique film tie-in goodness, tech fun and Stormtrooper-shaped gin because it wouldn’t be 2019 without gin, would it?

We think there are great gifts here, so after Part 1 already hit the shelves, here’s Part 2! 

Stormtrooper Gin – £49.99

Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, you can appreciate this pairing! Beautifully crafted Stormtrooper-shaped decanters filled with gin, this is a brilliant gift for the Star Wars lover in your life, who happens to enjoy a drink!
With gin from the award-winning Bimber Distillery, this contrasting duo will look great on a bar cart, ready for a re-watch marathon. I was a big fan of the gin, partnered with a soft elderflower cordial, while my mum gave a thumbs up to the sloe gin, sipped straight from a glass.
Whether you’re a gin drinker or not, these are well worth it on their looks alone with their completely exclusive range! Jazmine Sky Bradley.

My Neighbour Totoro Planter – £16.99

I mean, it’s there in the title. A plant pot in the shape of the eponymous character from My Neighbour Totoro... What else is there to say? Why haven’t you bought it yet?

Totoro is the most iconic Ghibli character, and his design is deceptively simple – anyone can draw a BAD Totoro, but to actually capture his likeness properly is a lot more difficult, and this one manages to pull it off and then some. The moulding is especially cute, and there is some nice attention to detail that really brings the sleeping Totoro to life.

This is just plain adorable, and should look even more so with a plant inside it. A must have for any Ghibli fans, it fits in anywhere, and would make a perfect Christmas present. Nick Bartlett. 

20-Second Showdown – £24.99

I was looking for a group game for ages now, especially as we hit the season of gatherings and festive celebrations and I believe 20-Second Showdown is something you’ll love as well. Setup for 5-20 (!) players, you just need to spilt into two teams and, as you might have guessed, there’s challenges you’ve got to complete within that time-frame!

Just pick out a card and follow the instructions, you might have to find a plant and hug it, make the highest and lowest sound you can, throw something really far or sing with your mouth full of water. Yes, it’s all very silly but as the sand drains through the timer (included!), you’ll definitely get more competitive but also have a lot of fun. 

There’s also 396 challenge cards, batons for your team and the lovely aforementioned timer/hourglass (all in blue and yellow), so enjoy the speed and beat your competitors! Dan Bullock.

Star Wars Face Masks – £14.99

Want to have a pampering night in fit for a Princess (Leia)? Pair the aforementioned Stormtrooper decanters with these Star Wars Face Masks, pop Episode V on, sit back and relax!
Choose from Darth Vader (black tea), Chewbacca (coconut), Yoda (cucumber) or C3PO (honey), unfold from the packet, and slick it onto your face. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then peel off and rub in the excess moisture. A fun way to enjoy some self-care, these would be the perfect stocking filler for fans young and old.
Only note from me: these are more of a novelty ‘beauty’ item and left my skin feeling quite dry afterwards. I’d recommend slathering on some moisturiser afterwards. Jazmine Sky Bradley.

Fancy picking up any of the above? Just click the item name in our reviews above or head to their site to find out more: firebox.com

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