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The first teaser for Stranger Things Season 4 is here..!

Firstly, apologies as I go off in what might become something that resembles an internal monologue. So, I love Stranger Things, of that there can be no doubt, but every time a new season is announced, it worries me that it’ll lose it’s unique edge. That being said, Season 3 was a mile ahead of Season 2, but as the kids get older, the plots get bigger and nobody ever seems to die… especially major characters.

HOWEVER, why mention this? Because the teaser for Season 4 is here, it’s Valentine’s Day after all (self-love for all from Netflix) and because the least surprising reveal of all: Hopper isn’t dead. Well, a person who very much looks like Hopper and seems to be Hopper. Is it Hopper, isn’t it?

For when it’ll air on Netflix, and after just discussing this with a friend, we’re thinking October 2020 could be a good call as that keeps the pattern of releases so far. So, put your ushanka on your head, get your Valenki on your feet and ура! to this Stranger Things, Season 4 teaser…

Oh, I would have said SPOILERS but it’s such a tease, that isn’t really relevant:

Stranger Things 4 comes to Netflix…. soon….ish. 


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