Lomon – Escape Velocity [Single Review]

Lomon’s take on space rock seems to be painstakingly literal on Escape Velocity – With talk of being “terrestrially bound,” and asking “Escape velocity, why must you elude me?” he sounds like he’s aiming to set off on an interstellar journey. Dig a little deeper though, and you’ll find that this is very much a grounded piece, about addiction and relapse. Lomon frames his inner struggle with such powerful demons in this way to show how truly difficult and dramatic breaking the habit can be.

Packing a cosmic amount of punch into its short runtime, Escape Velocity has a grand, almost orchestral feel to it, that will have you reaching for your early Bowie LPs. It rises ever higher as time ticks by, a new synth line here, an acoustic guitar drop there. By the time the final strains of this song ebb to nothing, you’ve been on a musical journey that defies sense – It feels like one of those 70s six-minute progressive pop behemoths, yet has only been playing for half that time.

Lomon’s outer persona is in stark contrast to this opulent buffet of musical delights. He writes his songs alone in his home studio, and his press photos are modest, to say the least. Listing such disparate ventures as boxing and software programming for when he’s not crafting epic tunes, his activities are as varied and balanced as the sounds on Escape Velocity. There is an overarching vibe of loneliness here – Not necessarily in a negative sense, however. Lomon’s protagonist realises this is a challenge he must face on his own. His recovery is to be a solo mission.

This is a hopeful song, even though it charts a perilous journey. Escape Velocity offers an emotional lift, it’s friendly, it feels clean and comfortable. It’s a calming presence, an arm around your shoulder. You’re not alone. In this era of global madness, Escape Velocity is the kind of tune we need. It is uncomplicated, blissful music for a year full of rainy days and thunderstorms.

Find out more about Lomon here and listen now…

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