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The virtual Native American Cinema Showcase begins this 18 through to 27 November! All the info…

Exciting news as The National Museum of the American Indian are bringing their annual celebration to Digital, as the Native American Cinema Showcase will be streaming online for audiences across the Globe from 18th November, right through to 27th November!

From Kichwa Hatari and Vanessa Teran…

This brilliantly unique showcase provides a forum for engagement with Native filmmakers and stories from Indigenous communities throughout the Western Hemisphere and the Arctic. This year is also their 20th anniversary, and with everything still going on this year, and in collaboration with Visit the USA and the Smithsonian Institution, the museum is presenting the full program online.

As well as screening a selection of new works, fan favourites, there will be conservations with filmmakers, and the event offers an opportunity for audiences to engage with Native filmmakers, allowing stories from Indigenous communities in the Western Hemisphere to be shared internationally.

Blood Quantum, courtesy of Yellow Veil Pictures

This year’s programme includes a total of 64 films (nine features and 55 shorts), with genres including; documentaries, music videos, children-friendly shorts and films in Indigenous language. Academy Award-winning Cherokee actor Wes Studi had this to say:

“The films provide insight into the complexity, beauty and many nuances of Native life. “It’s no coincidence Native peoples are using their talents to create films that examine social justice in the world we live in today. As we find ourselves at a moment in contemporary life where outdated notions and ways of doing things are being challenged, it is more important than ever to hear our Native stories and consider the perspectives they bring to these issues.”

As with many online events this year, you can explore at your own leisure but here’s all the key events, with times, dates and so forth so you can plan your time accordingly:


The Native Cinema Showcase will be hosted virtually and is free of charge, making it more accessible than ever before for audiences around the world to discover American Indian and Alaska cultural heritage from home.


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