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New Titles Added to the Doctor Who Target Collection

The Target range of novelisations hold a special place in the hearts of many Doctor Who fans. Beginning in the 1970s, the Target novels adapted almost every Doctor Who serial broadcast between 1963 and 1989, with only five exceptions. But since 2012, BBC Books have regenerated the Target range for a new, younger generation of fans and in 2018, the Target range expanded further into new instalments, filling in gaps from the “classic” run whilst branching out into the “new series” of Doctor Who, from writers Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat, Paul Cornell, James Goss and Jenny T Colgan.

BBC Books have announced seven new titles for the Doctor Who Target range, all publishing on 11th March 2021 at £7.99 each, and with newly-commissioned cover artwork by Anthony Dry. These new novelisations for 2021 – almost all by the original writers of the TV episodes – will allow Target fans to finally complete their classic-era collection, as well as bringing the range up-to-date with an adventure featuring the Thirteenth Doctor.

The Pirate Planet

The Fourth Doctor and Romana arrive at the right place to find the wrong planet.

Originally written for television by Douglas Adams (of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency fame), this Target-style reprint of the novel adapted by James Goss (author of the Doctor Who novels Dead of Winter and City of Death) is sure to be a delight for fans young and old. The audiobook, read by Jon Culshaw, is available now.

Resurrection of the Daleks

The TARDIS is ensnared in a time corridor, catapulting it into derelict docklands on 20th century Earth. The Fifth Doctor and his companions, Tegan and Turlough, stumble on a warehouse harbouring fugitives from the future at the far end of the corridor – and are soon under attack from a Dalek assault force.

This novelisation of the classic 80s serial starring Peter Davison is adapted by original screenwriter Eric Saward, who also served as script editor on Doctor Who from 1982-86. Resurrection of the Daleks is also available to own as a non-Target style Hardback edition now. The audiobook, read by Terry Molloy (with Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks), is available now.

Revelation of the Daleks

The Sixth Doctor and Peri land on the planet Necros to visit Tranquil Repose – a funerary home where the dead are interred and the near-dead placed in suspended animation until such time as their conditions can be cured.

This novelisation of the classic 80s serial starring Colin Baker is adapted by original screenwriter Eric Saward, who also served as Doctor Who‘s script editor between 1982 and 1986. Revelation of the Daleks is also available to own as a non-Target style Hardback edition now. The audiobook, read by Terry Molloy (with Nicholas Briggs as the Daleks), is available now.

The TV Movie

The newly-regenerated Eighth Doctor confronts the Master in San Francisco, 1999.

This novelisation of the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie starring Paul McGann is adapted by Gary Russell (whose Doctor Who credits include Big Finish, Doctor Who Magazine and the recent Fury From the Deep animation), based upon the screenplay by Matthew Jacobs. Originally published in 1996, this reprint marks its first release as part of the Target range, with some updates and corrections from the original release. The audiobook, read by Dan Starkey, is also available to pre-order now.


The Ninth Doctor and Rose discover an unexpected survivor of The Time War.

This iconic story which saw the Daleks’ triumphant return to television was written by Robert Shearman, who has adapted his script for this Target books release. Shearman has also written a number of acclaimed scripts for Big Finish productions, including The Chimes of Midnight, Scherzo, Jubilee (the inspiration for Dalek), and many more. The audiobook, read by Nicholas Briggs, is also available to pre-order now.

The Crimson Horror

The Eleventh Doctor and Clara investigate something ghastly afoot in Victorian Yorkshire.

The second Eleventh Doctor adventure to get the Target books treatment is written by Mark Gatiss, adapted from his script for the 2013 series. Gatiss himself has written a number of Doctor Who scripts and novels in the past, as well as contributing towards The League of Gentlemen, Sherlock and Dracula. The audiobook, read by Catrin Stewart (with Dan Starkey as Strax), is also available to pre-order now.

The Witchfinders

The Thirteenth Doctor and companions battle an evil presence in 17th century Lincolnshire.

The first Thirteenth Doctor tale to be adapted into the Target books range, this novelisation has been adapted by original screenwriter Joy Wilkinson (whose other credits include Nick Nickleby, The Watch and her short film Ma’am). The Witchfinders will also be the first to carry the new-look Target branding, with the current Doctor Who logo, that will appear on all future Target releases. The audiobook, read by Sophie Aldred, is also available to pre-order now.

Seven Doctors, seven unforgettable adventures – and the beginning of a new era for Target books! Meet the new Doctor Who classics. 

The Target Collection can be pre-ordered now!


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