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Mesmerising trailer for Aneil Karia’s ‘Surge’ starring Ben Whishaw and coming to cinemas this May

Now this is definitely the type of role I can’t wait to see Ben Whishaw in – and it’s a hell of an intense trailer to give you an idea of what’s to come, when Surge is released in cinemas and on digital from 28th May!

Gritty, grimy, unhinged, this is the first feature from Aneil Karia, who also released the deeply powerful The Long Goodbye short film last year, starring Riz Ahmed, I have to recommend watching that first if you haven’t yet.

Surge follows Joseph (Whishaw), who’s trapped in a soulless job, and feels he’s living a life devoid of emotion and meaning. After an impulsive act of rebellion, which you’ll see in the trailer, he unleashes a wilder version of himself and is propelled on a reckless journey through London… Karia says of his protagonist:

“Though Joseph might seem to be a unique case, I hope that his story is speaking to something much more universal. Now more than ever it feels like we have had enough of surface-existence and are yearning for a deeper more present experience of the world. I hope watching this film feels like a visceral and meaningful trip.”

Surge is surely a must-see thriller, it comes to the UK and Ireland from 28th May 2021, in cinemas and on digital platforms.


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