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Watch: Sean Bean and Stephen Graham in the trailer for the new Jimmy McGovern drama Time

UPDATE: Just watched episode 1, or seen all 3 on the iPlayer? Let us know what you thought in the comments below! It’s been exceptional, try to keep it spoiler-free though!

It was the latter half of 2020, when we first heard news about this upcoming series, and shared one of the early images in December (see below), but today we’ve got the compelling trailer for Jimmy McGovern‘s Time, that stars Sean Bean and Stephen Graham, and comes to BBC One on Sunday 6 June at 9pm.

Joining Sean and Stephen in the cast are Siobhan FinneranSue JohnstonHannah WaltersDavid Calder, Nadine MarshallMichael Socha and Aneurin Barnard. There’s more info below, but watch now:

These guys are two of my all-time favourite actors, you can tell from the trailer that this could not only hit home in various forms but also stretch the heartstrings in equal measure.

It’s a three-part series, is produced by BBC Studios Production, airing from 6 June and then on iPlayer as well – Here’s some official insight:

Seen through the eyes of two very different men, Time is a visceral and high-stakes portrayal of life in the modern British penal system. It is a story of guilt and forgiveness, punishment and penitence and the impact that prison has on all those who pass through it.  Time is emotional and thrilling, showcasing the performances of two of Britain’s finest and best-loved actors.

Sean Bean takes on the role of Mark Hebden, a teacher, husband and father, who killed an innocent man in an accident. Consumed by guilt, he accepts and even welcomes his four year sentence. Separated from his family, he has no idea what to expect in this unforgiving new environment and needs to learn quickly how to survive.

Stephen Graham is Eric Reid, a prison officer. Caring and honest, Eric tries his very best to protect those in his charge, something which is a daily challenge in this understaffed and high tension world. When one of the most dangerous inmates identifies his weakness, Eric faces an impossible choice between his principles and his love for his family.

Both Eric and Mark, officer and inmate, are seemingly trapped by their pasts and unsure of their futures. Each has to not only survive, but to find the strength and the way to move forward.

Writer McGovern had this to say:

“The BBC have given me a brilliant young director and two of the greatest actors on the planet. I am overjoyed.”

Bean added: 

Getting to be involved in a Jimmy McGovern drama again is a real privilege and it will be great to be reunited with Stephen. Mark Hebden is another of Jimmy’s complex and superbly-written characters and I am looking forward to bringing him to life on screen.” 

Graham said: 

“It is an absolute honour to be working with Jimmy again, I’m feeling blessed. I’m excited to be working with Lewis as I have heard so many incredible things about him as a director, I can’t wait to get stuck in. Of course, I am made up to be back on set with Sean.”

Eric McNally (STEPHEN GRAHAM), Mark Cobden (SEAN BEAN)

Directed by Lewis Arnold, who also directed David Tennant in the intense Des, expect high drama and top drawer performances, I really wouldn’t expect anything less with those three at the centre of everything.

Time comes to BBC One on 6 June

Photographer: James Stack


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