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Love film, 18-25 years old and in Exeter? Join Exeter Phoenix’s Young Audience Panel, more info here!

I’m just beyond the bracket of 18-25 (and underplaying the ‘just’) but that’s genuinely fine as this sounds like a superb opportunity for those of you with a fresh passion for film, and especially if you’re wanting to help drive your local, independent cinema to an even better place!

Exeter Phoenix are looking to assemble a diverse group of 18-25 year olds who will join them in building a better future for young cinema audiences. They’ve got a focus on underrepresented communities, and are working to make changes with:

  • The young audiences cinema offer at Exeter Phoenix 
  • The way Exeter Phoenix communicates with young people and in particular BAME audiences
  • Opportunities to engage and contribute to the Exeter Phoenix cinema and film activity

The Young Audience Panel will be invited to attend a series of workshops which gain experience in, but not limited to:

  • Cinema programming
  • Event management
  • Marketing and promotion 
  • Filmmaking and digital content creation

The panel will also have access to free cinema visits, opportunities to attend industry events and a reference from Exeter Phoenix for your future!

Want to sign up and express interest? Head to their site for all the details you need, be quick, it closes on 14 June!

Good luck!


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