Majority Bowfell Compact 2.1 Soundbar [Review]

Over the last few years, Majority have really been building their reputation and in a very positive sense. While I’ve always wanted a decent soundbar to improve my home cinema experience, it’s mainly been just a bit too expensive for me to justify spending a couple of hundred pounds on, no matter how much I could see the benefit!

However, the past year has changed things for a few reasons, not just because I’ve obviously missed the true big screen experience – like so many of us, but also because I discovered Majority and they’ve altered my Home Cinema enjoyment, and general television watching – especially with so many outstanding shows on all the streaming service, or even just in time for the football and Father’s Day!

While earlier in the year I tested out the Majority K2 150W Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer, and I stand by everything in my review there because at £79.95 for both it’s incredible value, this time I couldn’t resist trying another and their even cheaper, but just as powerful, Majority Bowfell Compact 2.1. While, of course, I’d always say spend big on a full surround system if you’re really honing that home viewing, it’s not always possible for everything and I think both of these are good value and very decent quality.

I think the Majority Bowfell Compact 2.1 works especially well if you’ve got a large flat-screen television that suffers from bad sound quality. We all know the market now but, let’s face it, you can do better, right? While the presets on this aren’t incredible, the bass brings home the game (I tested it with Godzilla on 4K UHD) and it’ll definitely amplify what you need.

It’s simple to set up, most of the time you literally just have to plug it into your TV and switch it on, but there’s also the ability to get a digital cable which I personally think is even better. If your setup doesn’t have that, don’t worry, there’s also a 3.5mm audio cable you can connect, or a 3.5mm to RCA Audio cable and – of course – a small remote. With the RCA you can connect to the back of your TV, the audio cable into an MP3 player (or other audio device) of your choice and it wouldn’t be complete without the Bluetooth connection, which is also easy enough – just follow the instructions that come in the box.

The Majority Bowfell Compact 2.1 also comes with a 3-year warranty but if you’re just looking for a soundbar to improve that dodgy sound, this won’t be a regret, as it’s a ridiculously cheap £34.95!

Order the Majority Bowfell now from Amazon: https://amzn.to/3gmwMbQ


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