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Majority K2 150W Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer Review

In a world of seemingly infinite choices when it comes to Soundbars and Home Cinema experiences, it can be easy to feel at a loss over which to pick up. For me, this is especially true when trying to seek out a tech product that’s both in an affordability bracket and from a lesser-known brand name. While I’ve been lucky enough to occasionally try and test out the big brands, and they’ve achieved what was needed, the cost of the setup can easily outweigh the practical priced kit for everyday users.

With that in mind, I’ve been thoroughly testing the very reasonable setup from Majority, a UK-based company (circa 2012) who are becoming one of Britain’s fasted-growing teams with products in over 2 million homes worldwide. Discovered on Amazon, I felt like the price seemed to be too good to be true but, you know, it might just offer everything I need right now.

Majority K2 and Subwoofer

Today, we’re specifically looking at the Majority K2 150W Soundbar Surround Sound System, that comes with a Wireless Subwoofer. There is a Soundbar-only option (at £44.95), but this is the package you need if you want something with a fuller sound and one that captures that Home Cinema feeling. While at first, I wasn’t sure if it was necessary, I’ve discovered that I’m already reliant on it for the proper ‘big screen (at home)’ experience. I say you’ll want the full kit because the extra Subwoofer is only £25 more, bringing the very attractively-priced combo to just £79.95. Want to know a little more about why I recommend? Let’s begin!

First impressions, setup and sound quality

The Majority K2 package is literally named after the second highest mountain in the world. While the Soundbar makes an impact by itself, it’s when you hook it up with the wireless Subwoofer that the fun truly gets underway. While it works with all genres of film, once I began diving into the big action films (I tried it with the glorious Home Premiere stream of Godzilla Vs Kong via Amazon this weekend), or any classic Bourne action thrillers, the oomph of the bass in the background pulls you right into the moment – it’s an impressive 150W HD patented sound coming out.

The system is remarkably simple to setup: It’s pretty much a plug-in and connect to your TV and you’re on your way. Obviously, it might depend on your system at home, but I used the included optical cable and voilà, it was ready to go and already picked up what was on the TV. You can setup it up in various ways, as the K2 includes both an RCA and HDMI cable in the box. It also comes with a remote control that is a little cheap looking, compared to your standard TV one, but it gets the job done and, to be honest, you don’t need it that regularly once your film or show is playing.  


As well as the big movies, and I love a bit of Christopher Nolan and film-score composer Hans Zimmer, the sound levels also work very well for all genres of music. You can connect to the soundbar via Bluetooth (as I did), but there’s also an AUX 3.5mm line-up or if you really fancy it, you can even plug in a USB for your own MP3s, they’ve covered all angles.

The ‘power’ of the Subwoofer is especially clear with music, and particularly if you’ve got a bit of habit for a nice pounding of bass – but obviously think about your neighbours! After connecting via Bluetooth with my Android, I’ve tested out with the new Dry Cleaning album ‘New Long Leg’ (review here) and such tracks as Strong Feelings, that feature a pulsing bass line, worked to a ridiculously perfect level that brought the songs to life. Thankfully, we’re in a world of almost seamless wireless/Bluetooth tech and they’re getting better all the time, oh and you can even set up the soundbar for FM radio!


While I’ve already mentioned the slightly cheaper looking remote control, it’s also got an unusual setup for different choices of EQ. These ‘auto-EQ’ sound-levels have just three choices to pick from via the remote, and the first ‘movie’ one seems to be the best for anything, so that could be refined in the future. Also, because the options light up in blue LED within the soundbar, behind mesh, you can’t always read it that well. While this doesn’t affect the sound at all, as you can tell the difference when flicking through the EQ modes, this could be improved.


While next to a 55” Television, the soundbar may look a little smaller than more expensive ones, overall, I’ve been more impressed than dissatisfied, on all sides. Let me put it this way, using the Majority K2 has already become a vital ‘must-use’ for expanding our Home Cinema experience.

After missing the cinema escapes massively in the past year, the Majority K2 Soundbar and Subwoofer have given our household that big screen feel just when it was needed. For the price, it may seem too good to be true, but I think this is a perfect combination for a reasonable budget and it’d also be spot on if you’re a newcomer, especially if you haven’t got hundreds to spend – although I’m sure Majority will already be looking towards what’s next. The Soundbar and Subwoofer comes in black or white, either at £79.95, and so fits whatever your TV area looks like.

Compact, great value, and packed full of literal bass when adding the Subwoofer, this has made an instant difference and a huge improvement to our film, music and television home setup. After extensive testing over a few weeks, I definitely recommend it and, I know I keep going on about it, for the price, it’s a bargain!

Oh, the company are also very aware of their environment impact, and plant thousands of of trees in partnership with Ecologi and also help feed children through the impressive ShareTheMeal. So, if they can keep all the good stuff up, they’ve got a lot more to come.

Order the Majority K2 and Subwoofer now: https://amzn.to/2PONaIG

Order the Soundbar by itself here: https://amzn.to/3cKdTix


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