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Watch the absorbing trailer for Mr. Corman, a new Apple TV+ comedy series from Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It’s funny being a fan of anyone whose career has spanned your own life, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt has definitely been one of those, so it’s great to see him with another new project, this time created, written, directed and starring JGL himself!

Coming to Apple TV+ from 6 August with the opening 2 episodes, from a 10-episode run, Mr Corman follows the life Josh Corman (Gordon-Levitt), who’s an artist at heart but not by trade… here’s a little official insight of what to expect, I like what I’ve seen so far!

After his music career hasn’t worked out, he’s taken on a teaching role, his ex-fiancé Megan has moved out, and his high school buddy Victor has moved in. He knows he has a lot to be thankful for, but finds himself struggling nevertheless through anxiety, loneliness, and a sinking suspicion that he sucks as a person. Darkly funny, oddly beautiful, and deeply heartfelt, this relatable dramedy speaks for our contemporary generation of 30-somethings: rich with good intentions, poor with student loans, and yearning to become real grown-ups sometime before they die. 

The series also stars Arturo Castro, Debra Winger, Bobby Hall aka Logic, Alexander Jo, Juno Temple, Jamie Chung, Shannon Woodward and Hector Hernandez. Watch below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Mr. Corman is streaming on Apple TV+ from 6 August.


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