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Watch the visceral trailer for Wildfire, a blistering female-driven drama from Cathy Brady

Today, I had to share the intense, visceral new trailer (and excellent poster) for Cathy Brady‘s Wildfire, starring Nora-Jane Noone and the late Nika McGuigan, that comes to UK and Irish cinemas on 3 September, from Modern Films.

It’s can be more difficult than it seems to get the atmosphere of a film into a trailer, but the intensity, drama, the passion are all very present and on display here, as we delve into the debut feature from Brady, which follows Lauren (Noone) and Kelly (McGuigan), who were born within a year of each other and never seen without the other but over the years gone by, the mystery of their Mother’s death has pushed them apart.

Without giving too much more away before you’ve seen it, watch the powerful trailer now:

Wildfire is released theatrically in the UK and Ireland from 3 September 2021.


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