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SodaStream celebrated Back to the Future Day with this very retro special!

We hope you celebrated Back to the Future Day on 21st October, we know we did with a few classic 50s movies whilst wearing our very own life preservers (!), and so we had this share this very cool BTTF story – that we hope you got to be a part of!

Great Scott!

And as we’re playing with time travel, you can now be just like Marty McFly and make your own Pepsi Perfect fresh on the spot, as SodaStream have launched the iconic Pepsi MAX and 7UP Free flavours in the UK for the very first time. The future is now finally here and you can make the perfect Pepsi drink at home with SodaStream and just as you like it…this is heavy, Doc!

Yesterday, at 10:04pm – when lightning hits the clocktower – SodaStream sent the price of its Spirit sparkling water makers back in time to £19.55…in honour of the year 1955, and they had a limited (and very generous) 100 bundles of the special, with the PepsiCo flavours; Pepsi MAX, Pepsi, 7UP Free and 7UP.

What better way to celebrate ‘Back to the Future Day’ than having the perfect Pepsi just like Marty? Now, in the future, or whenever you wish.

Weren’t lucky enough to pick up a pack? Fear not, the new Pepsi flavours from SodaStream are available to purchase now for £4.99 from Sainsbury’s, Amazon, Ocado, John Lewis, Lakeland and more, as well as directly through SodaStream.co.uk.


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