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Powerful, astonishing trailer for Benjamin Cleary’s Swan Song starring Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris and Glenn Close

Well, this took me somewhere else within the first minute, and this is just the trailer! An emotive, mysterious, inventive and powerful insight into Benjamin Cleary‘s Swan Song, that comes to Apple TV+ globally on 17 December.

Starring the always captivating Mahershala Ali, Swan Song takes us into the near future an is told through the eyes of Cameron (Ali), a father and husband but with a terminal illness. With no obvious way to escape his fate, he’s given an alternative solution by his Doctor (played by Glenn Close) to keep his family from the grief and reality.

This is one of the most genuinely powerful trailers I’ve seen for a long time, I think Ali takes on really interesting projects with depth and intrigue, Cleary’s film explores how far we’d go, and how much we’d sacrifice, to give a happier life to those people in our lives we love. It also stars the excellent Naomie Harris, and the just as superb Awkwafina, get this on your list for mid-December – Here’s your trailer:

Swan Song will premiere globally on Apple TV+ on December 17, 2021


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