Robbie Williams Documentary in Production for Netflix with Joe Pearlman and Asif Kapadia

I was never ‘into’ Take That at the height of their fame – despite them offering some pop bangers in a now retrospective UK-agreement-pact – but Robbie Williams was an interesting character at that time, and even more so when he broke out of the band, and into the solo music world.

Kicking off with a cover of George Michael‘s Freedom, and debut album Life Thru A Lens, he wasn’t afraid to hide his rebellious side, centred right in the middle of Britpop, hanging out with the Gallagher’s and generally living the heavy party life. By the time second album I’ve Been Expecting You arrived in 1998, his level of fame had hit the heights with pop and indie rock fans. It was just as the Britpop era was fading, I was in my late teens, with a first job, a spare money to spend on going to the pub, and his albums were on all the local pub jukeboxes. Whilst I cannot hide my deep love for bands like Radiohead, The National and all the applicable, RW also sat inside alongside them in the CD rack and, yeah, that was a thing.

This new Netflix production is definitely of interest, and it’s set to be a multi-part series, and they’re promising an unfiltered, in-depth examination of a global icon and natural-born-entertainer who has navigating the highs and lows of being in the limelight for more than 30 years. Netflix tell us that it’ll cover Robbie navigating media scrutiny throughout his career, adulation and addiction, professional and personal break-ups, reunions, recovery, and the impact they have had on his mental health.

Featuring 25 years’ worth of intimate, never-before-seen archive, and exclusive access to Robbie; this definitive series is a no-holds-barred look at Williams and his life to this point!

Directed by Joe Pearlman, there’s no title yet, and we’ll bring you all the latest as we hear it.


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