Titanic, Jurassic Park and Avatar revealed to the top three films best seen on the big screen

With a calendar of big cinematic releases on the horizon, Brits have voted on the best films to be viewed on the big screen with TitanicJurassic Park and Avatar coming top of the poll!

The new research, commissioned by BFI IMAX to celebrate the relaunch of the UK’s biggest screen (find out even more here!) with new state of the art technical upgrades, also revealed recent releases Top Gun: Maverick and Jurassic World were deemed essential cinema viewing, completing the top five of the 50 films in the list.

Overall, big-budget fantasy and comic book adaptations scored well, with entries from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars films and The Dark KnightAvengers: Endgame and Black Panther all sitting high in the charts. We are a nation of FOMO film buffs too, with well over a third (41%) confessing they feel regret watching a blockbuster on the small screen at home after missing the chance to watch it at the cinema. 

A staggering 71% said the big-screen experience is the main draw to watching a film at the cinema, tempting them to make the trip at least five times a year. Almost half (48%) said they wished they went to the cinema more often. It also emerged that over half (56%) felt more immersed and connected to a blockbuster film if they watch it at the cinema.

Looking to enhance the occasion even further, BFI IMAX has relaunched following a host of state-of-the-art technical upgrades, with the new cutting-edge IMAX with Laser projection and 12-channel sound technology creating the most immersive cinematic experience yet. 

Interestingly, the cinematic experience is such a draw that over a quarter (29%) admitted trying to replicate the movie-going experience in their own living rooms by adjusting their lighting accordingly. Whether at the cinema or at home, it is clear we are a nation of film fanatics with over a third (38%) watching films at home several times a week, and 1 in 5 (11%) watching a movie at home every day!

The research found home viewing was prone to distractions though, with almost half (45%) finding their mobile phone too distracting when watching a movie at home and almost a quarter (23%) having had the dramatic tension spoiled by a social media alert, and one in five (20%) having been interrupted by someone trying to talk to them mid-scene.

In terms of the best person to go to the cinema with, over half (51%) said their partner is the best companion on cinema excursions, though 54% would be willing to go it alone to catch a film they really cared about! A spokesperson from BFI IMAX, said:

“Some of the top filmmakers identified in this list – Nolan, Jackson, Cameron, Spielberg – are among directors who are masters of their craft in maximizing use of the screen and the soundscape in their films, to deliver an experience which can only truly be appreciated in cinemas. Filmmakers have demonstrated that cinema is one of the best mediums for delivering everything from the smallest-scale tales, right up to world-beating blockbusters.”

“More than a night out and a chance to see the biggest films released in the way their directors intended, the cinema offers a chance to enjoy films without the distractions of home. Our recently relaunched BFI IMAX, with state of the art technical upgrades, is designed to be the most immersive cinema experience yet, so you can get the most out of your visit, and be pulled right into the action.”

To find out more about the newly refurbished BFI IMAX and to buy tickets for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, head over to


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