Gift Guide 2022: The all-new Scalextric Back to the Future Vs Knight Rider racing set!

Our dedicated Gift Guides are back for 2022! Designed to review and give you a nudge of motivation from Dan here at Critical Popcorn. As well as an assortment of effortless tech for your life from Amazon with 4K UHD Streaming devices, Kindles, Cams and Echo Dots reviewed here, there’s the latest must-have records and soundtracks on vinyl, two outstanding collectable figures from Mondo, and other exciting gift ideas on the way!

Today, we delve into an all-new absolute classic that’s reinventing for all the right reasons: Scalextric! There’s little doubt it retains a timeless edge amongst the landmark toys and games of the last 60 or so years and this new release is flying right into your favourite film and TV nostalgia with a new Back to the Future Vs Knight Rider set that’s right up there with the rest.

What makes this set unique?

Well, this isn’t any old racing set because this time Scalextric are offering up the DeLorean from Back to the Future up against Michael Knight’s K.I.T.T from Knight Rider! You can choose to be David Hasselhoff or one of Marty McFly or Doc Brown (or both?!) to your hearts content, and they light up beautifully – with everything you could want from both cars in a racing-kinda-way.

Both K.I.T.T and the DeLorean are impressively detailed, and don’t forget I’d built the 1:8 Scale DeLorean so have seen that one incredibly close up, with the DeLorean and its working flux capacitor – although I can’t promise time travel – as well as front and rear lights, which look great at night. And, as you’d hope, K.I.T.T has his iconic pulsing red light that breathes along the front of the car. So, you know, race in the dark, turn out the lights, get everyone involved and live the moment. But, forgive me, it’s difficult to get a speeding car on film but I promise, it’s a good look.

While the ‘era’ focus may limit some people’s knowledge of Knight Rider, it’s an effortlessly cool car and by now if you’re into Back to the Future, then it’s likely your kids are as well. With that in mind, this is suitable for all ages and that’s a good thing because they’ve kept the controllers which gives you the opportunity to limit the speed, if you wish. It’s a clever way to learn, and you can eventually go full throttle with whoever you’re playing against.

I’m also a fan of the magnatraction system, which means the cars don’t go flying off the track all the time, even when you up the speed. Those magnets help with traction and downforce, meaning your races last for longer and trust me, we tried it a lot – and even with Leon (our cat) trying to get in on the action. And if you know a cat swipe, I can testify the cars stayed on the tracks, haha!

The Scalextric Back to the Future Vs Knight Rider set isn’t about racing in circles either, this track can have collisions (as we’d all want) because of the cross-over/4-way section, or there’s even the chance to knock your neighbour off the track at the hairpin track, when the tracks get closer together, so make sure you’ve got the bee line there, no doubt!

Like the greatest of LEGO sets, this is an awesome way to either expand your track collection, or really treat someone and get that Scalextric journey started. Pre entertainment away from the glare of a screen. I’m going back in!

Scalextric Back to The Future Vs Knight Rider is out to own now, pick up your set here: https://amzn.to/3FqZTsn


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