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Building my own Back to the Future DeLorean… [Parts 9, 10 and 11 Build Blog]

We’ve all seen those adverts on TV and in film magazines that say ‘Build Your Own [insert awesome thing here]‘ but it’s not often I take up the challenge, mainly due to time constraints or mountains of other technical or geeky obsessions, but (along with huge love for Back to the Futurebuilding my own DeLorean is too good to miss and after Parts 1-8 completed last time out… now it got even more exciting.

Because I’m signed up for a subscription, I receive a certain amount of parts at the same time and although you can also do it weekly, I have been enjoying the noticeable changes by doing it in ‘bulk’ so to speak. So, beyond the rambling, it’s onto Part 9, 10 and 11 because this is when the scale of what you’re making is really exciting.

Although Part 9 is ‘just’ another wheel, it means you’ve now got a pair and it’s an easy one to click and screw together but Part 10 comes in a box because it’s the frame of the entire car! Remember all those little bits from the previous 8 issues? Well now they get to find a home as first of all you get to connect both wheel hubs, as the pictures show. Just doing this really opens up the visual element of what you’re putting together. It also instils a lovely feeling of success in relation to your previous work.

Next up is connecting the front plate and steering, also previously assembled, the plate is straightforward and although the steering a little more tricky, I simply advise to do it slowly and patiently. Those screws will fit flush but it obviously needs a little movement, it is for the steering after all, so don’t get worried if the rack below is moving, it’s supposed to. (This kind of advice is useful for newcomers, like me!)

You’ll also be fitting the anti-roll bar and the wheels. The latter I’ve already mentioned and brings a lovely visual aspect to your work so far with the anti-roll bar being very simple but making the build look fuller and, of course, useful.

Part 11 moves onto the Engine Support, this is another easy-to-do moment but make sure it’s all screwed in tight because once that’s been put together, you’ll be adding it onto the frame. These might seem like small moments, and granted I wouldn’t mind if I got bigger sections each time, but the individual little sections are already creating something very nice indeed. See the pics throughout (and all the sequences below) plus let me know if you have any questions and look out for our next instalment coming very soon!

If you want to sign up now to Build Your Own Delorean, from Eaglemoss and Universal, it’s so simple and the promises of ‘ straightforward panels and parts that simply click or screw  into place’ are true.

Follow our blog along the way to prove that anyone can do this and it can still be rewarding!


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