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Building my own Back to the Future DeLorean… [Parts 1-8 Build Blog]


We’ve all seen those adverts on TV and in film magazines that say ‘Build Your Own [insert awesome thing here]‘ but it’s not often I take up the challenge, mainly due to time constraints or the mountains of other technical or geeky obsessions, but (along with huge love for Back to the Futurebuilding my own DeLorean is too good to miss.

Signing up for Eaglemoss is simple enough and although the promises of ‘ straightforward panels and parts that simply click or screw  into place’ are great, you often wonder what it’ll be like when it arrives. So here’s where I want to get one thing clear from the beginning, this really is a smart setup and (even though some small parts take a little more patience) the build really IS simple to get your head around. Plus, once you start with the bumper and that ‘OutaTime’ license plate, it’s almost too easy to get excited and addicted for what’s to come.


By signing up for a subscription, you get a monthly box through the post with everything you need from the beginning to take it forward. As mentioned before, I was concerned about quality but this doesn’t hold back on detail or sturdy parts that start to take shape immediately. Overall it’ll become a 1:8 scale die-cast model that’s over 50cm long (!) and even when building the intricate parts like brake pads and steering columns – that’ll go onto the chassis – this is putting together a proper little car and it’s impressive.

It’s obviously early days at the moment but as you can see from the images, the details are all there and each magazine ‘part’ comes with what you need, directions, a screwdriver and a whole load of background information about the making of the film with the Back to the Future magazines. Obviously you’d want to make it all as quickly as possible but in truth when in and around work, or life in general, it’s actually quite nice getting everything monthly and setting aside some time to get it all together.

I did find some of the tiny screws a little difficult to begin with but I haven’t found any of it frustrating and, if anything, the learning process of how it fits is great. This is my first ‘proper’ build of something like this and beyond plastic kits I’d done when I was younger, or even Warhammer back in the day, this feels like another level and all the better for it. In terms of age range, it’s probably a kit aimed at the older teenager and years beyond market but that’s not to say anyone couldn’t get involved.

I’ll offer up more posts very soon, as I’ve just received the next 4 parts, as the build continues… and (you know you want to) start up now right here and feel free to catch-up, ask questions or share your own!

[Part 8 also contained the anti-roll plate and bottom plate but isn’t pictured here]

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