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Review: Little White Lies ‘Guide to Making your Own Movie in 39 Steps’ and ‘Movie Memory Game’

If you’re new to Little White Lies then I definitely recommend picking up an issue of one of the finest international and independent film magazines on the circuit. Produced bi-monthly, they somehow manage to merge insightful and smart film journalism alongside original illustration that gives the whole package an impressively unique edge. These two new products, produced by LWL with Laurence King Publishing, really show off their signature style in both content and delivery.

So what’s in them you ask? Well, first-up let’s take a closer look at their DIY guide to making your first indie movie that’s cunningly titled ‘The Little White Lies Guide to Making Your Own Movie in 39 Steps (RRP £12.99)’ –This book doesn’t hide away from its obvious intentions, therefore setting the bar to a simplistic, yet informative point-by-point process. After it all begins with the re-telling of a meeting between a 15-year-old Steven Spielberg and John Ford, I was hooked instantly.

If you’ve got a slight interest in making your own film, even if you’ve spent most of your time just loving the exploration and escapism, this one pulls you in and doesn’t let you go with simple, but very useful, information that gets right to the jist of what you could do or make, if you just got on with it. But remember it’ll take over your life, in a fantastic kind of way.

Split into four major sections, 1: Prep; 2: Shoot; 3: Post, and 4: Resources, ‘Making Your Own Movie’ breaks down the basics and takes you through all the sequences of what to do to get the first snippets of film moving. In the beginning, you might think this is just ‘another’ one of those ‘How To’ guides but with the backing of a team like Little White Lies, you know they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t want to share something that’s both professional and enlightening.

They’ve also got ‘Watchlist’ recommendations, advice on how to shoot, what, who and where, light/dark, editing, and you get the rest… it’s the full breakdown of everything you love and it’s already inspired me to check out the films they suggest that I haven’t seen and, also, stop talking about all the ideas and Get On With It. I fully endorse this for yourself or, if there’s anyone you know in your life who needs a subtle, little, push, this is the book.

This is the book:

Next up is ‘The Little White Lies Movie Memory Game (RRP £12.99)’ which takes its idea from the Concentration concept but let’s delve a little deeper in case you’re new to the arena but, when explained, I expect you’ll go ‘Aaah!’

This isn’t just a ‘lay cards down on the table and put them together’ kind of adventure, that would be achievable in a matter of moments, but instead you place the cards face down and turn them over to see if they match. But, of course, if they don’t much you have to turn them back over again, it’s then down to the next player to find a pair and remember where a possible link was from what’s already been seen. Obviously, it’s all about ‘memory’, as the name suggests, but this one gives you that chance to test your movie knowledge and your film-loving friends insight as well.

There’s a good 50 cards included, printed on tough, high quality card, with illustrations in that fine Little White Lies style and you’ve also got a guide in there to the 25 movies they include. It’s the type of game that works for dinner parties, film gatherings, pub mingling, heck… whenever you can carry them and say ‘Oh, these? Well…’ – and get people involved. We tested it out and it’s good fun, and a pretty decent addition to their book if you’re thinking about picking them up together.

I’ll give you one small teaser for the game, remember Sammy Jankis…

Both items are available now to purchase! Click the image below, or just tap the right mouse-button on the titles prices above, these really are smart products from an inventive publication.


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