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The Story of 90 Coins “Exquisitely shot and honestly told” [Indie Review]

The Story of 90 Coins is an exquisite-looking simple short film, told directly, with high quality direction from Michael Wong who gets immediately to the point as he tells the story, written by Bai Xuedanof a relationship between a man who knows who he loves, and a woman who’s not as sure of her commitment.

In order for Wang Yuyang (Dongjun Han) to win Chen Wen’s (Zhuang Zhiqiaffections, he promises that over the course of 90 days he will convince her that he’s the right man for her by giving her a coin each day, which represents each individual moment when he can show his worth and the right intentions. What’s nice about this short 9-minute film is that while the couple begin to learn what they love about each other, everything isn’t as simple as you anticipate because time is the enemy, and daily, every day things eventually build a wall between them until the sadly, ever-so-regular, breaking point. While they both have different dreams, and a third party looking to the girl for affection, will they get past the problems and come back together? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Although The Story of 90 Coins is different to the usual type of short films that are quite common, as many first-timers appear to head to horror or sharp, to-the-point thrillers, it’s unusually refreshing for something to be so simple and confidently told. The Story of 90 Coins isn’t about revenge, death or chase-sequences, it’s an open tale, told with heart and a dash of hope… even if a little old-school romanticism is unusual in this quick-to-react world. Beautifully, delicately shot and honestly presented, just remember: ‘Don’t let a promise become just a beautiful memory




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