Top 5 pulse-racing Mountain Activities -‘Mountain’ is out on Blu-ray/DVD now!

Mountain, a scenic documentary (narrated by Oscar-nominee Willem Defoe) is a celebration of humanity’s love, curiosity and fascination with one of nature’s biggest marvels; mountains. Director Jennifer Peedom (of BAFTA-nominated Sherpa fame) takes the viewer through sweeping landscapes where many come to find serenity…and where some seek pulse-racing adventure. Heart-stopping camera angles juxtaposed with classical pieces performed by the Australian Chamber Orchestra, follow thrill-seekers as they pull off daredevil moves across arduous terrain.

To celebrate the Blu-ray, DVD and digital release of Mountain today, here are our top 5 mountain activities that will get your adrenaline rushing and click here to read our 4-star review!

Wingsuit Jumping

This will require you to climb to the very top of a mountain and jump off it wearing a wing suit. You’ll find yourself gliding through the sharp air like an eagle taking flight. Recently, two French wingsuit flyers jumped off the top of the Jungfrau mountain in Switzerland, and managed to land in a plane mid-air.

Extreme Riding

Also known as backcountry or big mountain, this is snowboarding on rough mountain terrain for a natural and unpredictable flow, foregoing any set rules, groomed trails or man-made features. The snowboard and boots required for extreme riding are stiffer than those for freestyle or alpine snowboarding for a more stable ride.

Mountain Biking

Andreas Tonellie and Tobias Woggon riding in Passo Sella, Dolomites, Italy.

As you might be aware, this activity doesn’t necessarily require a mountain, but watching mountain biker’s brave harsh slopes in Peedom’s Mountain, kicking up snow as they go, it will make you trade that dirt track in for a ski resort. The bikes used are designed for enhanced durability and performance. Mountain biking requires the rider to demonstrate core strength, endurance, balance, bike-handling skills and self-dependence during steep declines, high inclines and highly technical aerial manoeuvres.


Will Sim on the summit ridge of the Eiger after topping out in to the sunshine from the North Face.

The term encompasses mountain climbing, trekking and hiking, and has in recent years also come to include backpacking, hiking and via ferrata (protected climbing routes with a steel cable). Alpinism, in particular, is a minimalist style of mountaineering that requires the mountaineer to use as little equipment as possible, providing greater technical challenges on their adventure.


Climber rappelling from the summit of a rock spire in The Sierra Nevada Mountains, California.

This activity, also known as rappelling, is the physical opposite of the aforementioned mountaineering. This involves descending from a vertical drop using a rope and a harness. The activity originated from a failed mountain climbing expedition in the French Alps by a guide called Jean Charlet-Straton, who devised the technique in order to rope himself down. A few variations of the technique have developed over the years. Australian rappel involves descending face down, or simul-rappelling, which involves two climbers descending down the same rope, or the classic rappel, which is slightly more dangerous due to no harness being used.

MOUNTAIN is available on Blu-ray, DVD and on digital download now – Click here to read our review!

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