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Watch the trailer for must-see surf documentary ‘Momentum Generation’ now

This is a really special trailer for an even more unique documentary, Momentum Generation, that brings together the core members of surfing’s most legendary crew to show how one house in Hawaii changed the shape of culture across the world in the 1990s, and it comes to digital download from 5 November.

For the first time in their careers, the likes of Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, Benji Weatherley, Kalani Robb, Ross Williams, Taylor Steele, and Pat O’Connell have agreed to tell their story together.

Written and directed by award-winning filmmakers Jeff and Michael Zimbalist (The Two EscobarsFavela Rising) and from executive producer Robert Redford, Momentum Generation looks set to show how friendships were formed and tested throughout their careers as top athletes and cultural icons – Check out the trailer now:

As told through their own voices, captured over the course of multiple years of production and with full access to the crew’s private video archive, the Momentum Generation surfers reflect on the complexity of the brotherhood and competition that shaped their shared emotional journey and made these pioneers both heroic and human.

Momentum Generation will be available to download from 5th November 2018

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