Secret Cinema presents Stranger Things is coming this November…

While it’s true to say we’ve been a fan of Secret Cinema for a long time now, pretty much since their very early days and so it might feel like I’m repeating myself, but it’s very possible they might be really hitting the jackpot with their next production because… Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things is coming this November.

Hitting a secret London spot from the 13 November up to February 2020, a secret location will transform into the suburban town of Hawkins, Indiana and it’s supernatural shadow ‘The Upside Down‘, oh yes! Obviously, this is the very first time that the creative pioneers of immersive storytelling will produce an experience for a TV series, but what the Netflix phenomena Stranger Things is such a smart place to start. 

Tickets will go on general sale at 12:00 (GMT) on Tuesday 28th May 2019. The production will run between Wednesday – Sunday each week, with tickets priced from £49 + booking fees.

Surfing the wave of 80’s nostalgia and littered with references and influences from blockbuster films, Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things promises to transport audiences back to one of the richest and most iconic periods in popular culture.

Created as an official collaboration with Netflix, the experience will introduce new storylines, characters, locations and will revisit much-loved narratives and fawned over fan moments concerning the pupils of Hawkins High School. Drawing on over 20 hours of groundbreaking drama, from season one to three, the experience will take audiences on a journey where live storylines blur into the world of Stranger Things.

They’ve told us that this revolutionary new concept will give audiences more time to explore its playground of performance, with deeper immersion, participation and storylines. The fresh format of TV demands a radical new set of ideas for how Secret Cinema presents and screens spectacular, fan favourites and scenes from the Duffer Brothers modern masterpiece.

Matthew Bennett, Creative Director of Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things said:

“For our inaugural small screen show we’re allowing our imaginations to run completely free. The Duffer Brothers have deftly created such a mesmeric collage from the 80s, it is an honour for Secret Cinema to be able to take that vision from their screen and recreate it as a hyper-real, 360 degree living and breathing world. The 80s palette of sounds, scenes, culture, characters and clothes we have to play with is mind-blowing. This collaboration between Netflix and Secret Cinema will throw our audience head first into our most immersive experience to date.”

Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things will also be open for young adults. Each Saturday, there will be a matinee performance for audiences aged 15 and up from 1:30pm. Tickets for the matinee experience will start at £35 + booking fees.

Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things tickets will go on O2 priority presale sale at 9:00 (GMT) on Wed 22 May 2019 and on general on sale at 12:00 (GMT) on Tuesday 28 May 2019. Prices start at £49 + booking fee, with matinee tickets available every Saturday available from £35 + booking fee

Full details and tickets can be found at tickets.secretcinema.org

Facebook: secretcinema

Twitter: @secretcinema

Instagram: @secret_cinema

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