Gift Guide 2022: Star Trek Original Series Phaser and Collectible Figures!

It’s good to have you back with us, and in the joy of our all-new Gift Guides! After enjoying some effortless easy tech from Amazon, head here for that, we’ve become kids again with the latest Scalextric set that’s packed with nostalgia, some of the finest coffee table books for all kinds of love and flavours, and there’s more on the way.

Today we’re not going so boldly where no one has gone before but we hopefully truly make it (so) a great little idea for an extra present this seasonal season. In the Star Trek Universe range, there’s a host of things including an Original Series Enterprise Ship, an original series phase and a selection of collectable figures, and we’ll be looking a little closer at the latter duo.

First up is the Star Trek phaser like no other, I mean c’mon who doesn’t want this with its modes of stun, kill or dance off… wait, overload! This standard issue Star Fleet sidearm is 10” and contains iconic blue or red lights, depending on your mode, to set up the Trek scene of your choice. The sound option is properly loud as well, and while the tiny round ‘switch’ isn’t the easiest to turn to change those on your phaser, you let that go because it keeps the design as it should be, and that’s a classic one. This is a fine replica for any Star Trek fan, best of all, affordable at around £19.99, or even cheaper in certain places!

I also like the Star Trek Universe figure range, and picked up Picard because he’s an icon, but you can also grab Riker, Data from The Next Generation era, Kirk, Spock and Khan from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, plus Michael Burnham and Saru from Star Trek: Discovery. I feel like there should be more characters, and definitely more female characters, but maybe they’re testing the waters at the moment and so there could be more to come. Oh, and they’re a great size to take to a convention and get signed, can you imagine?!

The eight available collectible figures retail at a reasonable £12.99, they’re 5” tall and have 14 points of articulation, so fully poseable and have that original figures vibe, see the pictures for the evidence, plus each one comes with accessories and a display stand. Picard, in his classic uniform is a sight to behold in itself, and he’ll be staying packed up with his accessories – this time!

The full Star Trek Original Series range is available now at The Entertainer, Amazon, Forbidden Planet and Zavvi, order your favourites here: https://amzn.to/3iQg21K

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