Gift Guide 2022: Batman The Animated Series – Batman (Redux) and Joker 1/6 Scale Figures review [Mondo]

Closing off our 2022 Gift Guides is a big one! After a wealth of good things for those people you like a lot in your life, from handy Amazon Gadgets, to Scalextric goodness, through the latest Mondo Vinyl records of your favourite film scores and a whole lot more, we’ve reached two absolute blinders – and you’re going to want these either for yourself or others!

Batman: The Animated Series Batman 1/6 Scale Figure – Redux

Mondo have been in the 1:6 scale figure game for quite some years now, and after leading the way with their pop culture print/poster setup – and expanding their vinyl releases (see our reviews here) – they’re continuing to expand and improve with every new collectible figure release! Today, we’ve reviewing two iconic characters because… Batman and The Joker are here!

While they had previously released their Batman figure, from the pivotal Batman: The Animated Series, this new sculpt promises to be an even more detailed version, looking closer than ever to the famous animated character and with a selection of heads that even have glow-in-the-dark eyes. Having spent my younger years working around the world of Forbidden Planet, and always being enamoured by the Hot Toys releases, I was very eager to look into the specifics and quality – and Mondo don’t disappoint with this pair.

Let’s begin with Batman who, importantly, doesn’t lose any of that individuality of the animated version. Of course, he’s literally 3D here but that ‘reality’ of the creation. Of course, it’s the small things that matter in these big 1:6 scale figures, so as well as 30 points of movement, there’s an impressive selection of accessories that offer a noticeable conciseness within the craft. Also, with the recent sad news about Kevin Conroy, considering his impact, this feels like it had an added edge of nostalgia and poignancy attached.

If you’re new to the game, Collectors Editions and their cleanliness of the final product and sculpts are vital. As well the figure itself, which in this case is smartly smooth, within the display box you also get a plastic mould for all the extras, which can be a terrific way to show everything off either in/or outside of the box. Heads and hands seem simple enough to swap and change but – as I’ve learned in the past and is a quick thing to learn – be firm when switching sections but don’t force things. They’ll fit but you wouldn’t want to end up snapping off an important section.

As yo­u’ll see from the pics, you get a selection of five heads for all types of situations, and the Bruce Wayne sculpt may look bigger than the cowled ones, but there’s no clear issue when popped on. I also assessed those glow-in-the-dark eyes and, yes, my friends, they also work (even on the H.A.R.D.A.C.) but it’s a tiny extra so unsure how effective it is – even if a nice touch.

Movement wise, and let’s not forget this is based the  animation rather than a ‘real’ person Batman, it’s definitely solid but he’s a tad top heavy, like anyone with a large chest and tiny legs – in real life you could take him down like an AT-AT – but he definitely stands freely when you find the right pose, and there’s plenty to choose from. Plus, there’s a stand you can use if you’ve got a wobbly display area – so to speak. This is a PVC and ABS construct, comes in at 12” high and only weighs about 4lbs, which also helps with that balancing act.

The paint job looks pretty darn clean on my version, on pretty much everything, and as a collectible this is undoubtedly something you’d be looking out for. Accessories are plentiful, and it includes nine (9!) interchangeable hands, a nice, folded Cowl that goes with the Bruce head, you’ve got 2 Batterangs, a Gas Mask, some Goggles, a Spray canister, a cassette (these last pair from On Leather Wings) a lovely extended Grapple Hook, a set of Binoculars, a smaller Grapple Hook and – of course – a Bat Star.

While the overall figure design is impressive, for reasons unidentified I really love the almost velvety smooth cape, which brings it all together. This is top quality from Mondo and artists Jason Wires Productions, Joe Allard and Ramirez Studios – who make the whole package handsomely noticeable from the moment you see and open the box.

Overall, it might sit just on the higher price bracket, but the hard work has gone in, even if the legs might need a tiny bit more strength. I also wish I had more mini-film-like-sets to put both these figures into entertaining ‘real life’ situations, they both deserve to be shown off!

You can purchase it here: mondoshop.com/batman-TAS-batman-1-6-scale-figure-redux

Batman: The Animated Series Joker 1/6 Scale Figure

I have deep affection for The Dark Knight himself but, as you’ll know, the Joker is undoubtedly one of the most iconic villains of all-time and in this sculpt and figure release, he’s looking super fine.

Also based on the outstanding Batman: The Animated Series character, this sixth scale release is one to be exhibited! Not only does it capture the glint in the corner of the eye of Joker, but it also feels instantly alive and troublesome, in the best kind of way. It’s impossible not to immediately notice the detail on Joker, from the flecks of green in his hair, to minutia in his hand-gestures. In truth, you can look it and hear the echoes of Mark Hamill lingering around the room.

Like Batman, he’s 12” tall, made in PVCA and BS and weights 4 lbs, which makes them good to fight each other – or pick up to fend off angry racoons, if you needed. He’s also got a host of fun extras which give off different elements of his character, retaining that flair and showmanship – especially with the Laughing Fish involved, referring to an episode of the show where he puts a toxin into the harbour to create Joker Fish, of course – with that crazy smile.

Joker also has his own thirty points of articulation, and this release comes with four different heads/portraits you can choose from for your setup, including an excellent frightened face – which might be a first for this type of release. The other head sculpts offer up all those maddened expressions – as you’ll see in the photos – and because you’ve got a selection for Joker and Batman – again, made for scene building!

He also comes with an impressive 12 interchangeable hands, an old-school Bomb, a dynamite stack of two distinct kinds, an ice pick, another figure stand (although again, he stands perfectly without it) and the absolutely iconic Joker card – to display off to any friend or foe. Joker also has a fine display box he comes in, with packaging art from Mondo-stalwarts Phantom City Creative, some extra packaging layout by Mike Bonanno, design by Joe Allard, the sculpt by Tommy Hodges and paint work from Mark Bristow.

This Joker figure is a sturdy build and holds that character aesthetic and energy brought to life in 3D, and when you put it together with the Batman, a perfect frame you shall create! Like the latter, the price may be on the higher side, so depending on your preference, which might make you lean one way or the other. I’m a bigger fan of the Joker one due to the individuality but the detail on the pair isn’t questionable, they’ve thrown in personality and a whole lot of fun for the iconic duo – and quite right to.

If you’re a collector, yes you could keep these in the boxes, but Mondo and the team involved have put the work in to make sure you want them proudly on display. In fact, I’d recommend making an entire Gotham City section and getting the full Batman: The Animated Series treatment – it’s one of the greatest, after all!

Buy the Joker here: mondoshop.com/batman-TAS-joker-1-6-scale-figure



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