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Kids In Love review: “Easy going with a relaxed vibe…”

kids-in-love-reviewKids In Love is an easy going, coming-of-age, London-based drama that takes us along on the self-discovery journey of Will Poulter‘s Jack. He’s fresh out of A-Levels, planning a gap year with his mate Tom and already accepted a place at Bristol University. His future is beginning to pan out and even his Dad has set-up a law firm internship so he can get experience and get in with the people who could help him launch a career but, you guessed it, Jack isn’t completely convinced by the plans of others and after a chance encounter with Alma Jodorowsky‘s Evelyn, his spirit is caught up in the possibility of finding a future he can control.

Director Chris Foggin offers up a soft focus, summer-lit canvas that somewhat reflects the glint in the corner of the eye that Jack instantly has for Evelyn. Scenes feel natural enough and even though there’s a positive reminder to use 35mm film (it’s something I still do folks!) each summery scene does have that warm Instagram-like filter bringing forth a reminder of times spent with less to worry about. All these merged styles bring forth that lo-fi independent vibe you used to find a lot coming out of the States but now more regularly in the UK and although it’s obviously done on a tight budget, I liked the relaxed vibe.

Writers Sebastian De Souza and Preston Thompson also star in their debut duo script and they’ve decided, I’m assuming, to cast a host of good-looking people that they’re friends with. However, as beautiful as all the characters are, there is an underlying sense they’re lucky rich kids – even if sisters Viola (Cara Delevingne) and Elena (Gala Gordon) have a saddening circumstance for their family – and they could probably try a little harder but, as many do say, you can’t help what you’re born into and there’s no malice or self-expectant personas involved. They’re living their suburban London bohemian lives and so although certain moments lack in substance over style, you’d be hard-pushed to hate what’s happening. If anything, you’d probably want to step into Jack’s shoes and indulge in a long weekend with them, just to hold the memory.

Kids in Love works due to the charming chemistry between Will Poulter’s Jack and Alma Jodorowsky’s Evelyn who effortlessly hold your attention. Poulter is a good-looking lad who’s smart and genuine with Jodorowsky coming across as a natural performer who’s also beautiful, so it’s difficult not to be captured by either. The perfect audience here is definitely the late teens/early twenties scene who could well tap into the free-will sensibility. Kids In Love isn’t exactly a ‘coming of age’ classic but if you’re trying to figure out what to do with your life, then you could find someone here to connect with.

Kids In Love review by Dan Bullock, August 2016.

Kids In Love opens in UK cinemas nationwide and on demand from 26th August 2016, followed by DVD on August 29th.


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