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We’re backing IndieGoGo film ‘Guard’ – a female-led boxing film set in Northern Ireland – are you?


Over here at CriticalPopcorn we’re all about a whole lot of #filmlove and there’s nothing quite like the passion and commitment behind an independent film project. Today we’re focusing our attention on Guard, a new female-led boxing film set in Northern Ireland that’s both written by and starring the excellent Bronagh Taggart (The Fall).

We’ve got a little insight below, links to the campaign over on IndieGoGo and your initial synopsis…

Katie wants to be able to handle herself, should she ever need to. Living alone in the house she grew up in, she makes a point of staying fit and strong, but her routine is disrupted when her father lands back home after fifteen years inside. Surprised by his estranged daughter’s new obsession, Kieran feels he finally has something to teach her, and initiates Katie into his old world: boxing. In the ring she takes the punches and tries to learn from her father, but getting Katie to drop her guard outside the ring will be Kieran’s toughest battle yet.

Guard is also the debut short film-feature for director Jonathan Harden, an actor from Belfast who’s worked with the likes of Ralph Fiennes, Stephen Frears, Rian Johnson and Oliver Hirschbiegel. Bronagh also has this to say about the film:

“Over the past month, I’ve been lucky enough to have feedback and notes from Alan Cubitt (writer and director of The Fall) and BAFTA-winning writer/director Nick Murphy (The Secret, The Awakening, Last Kingdom). Put simply: the project, although at the early stages of pre-production, is standing on very solid foundations. The other parts in Guard will be cast by Robert Sterne, the multiple Emmy Award-winning casting director of Game of Thrones; and the film will be shot by Michael Lennox, who won a BAFTA and was nominated for an OSCAR in 2015 for his short, Boogaloo & Graham. We’ve also signed up James Nesbitt as Executive Producer, Sean Murray as Producer and Andrew Tohill as Editor.”


So there you go, we’re backing it because it’s got everything going for it and having been involved with other indie film, their setup is absolutely more than impressive for what’s sure to be a great short film but… here’s the important thing, they need YOUR support to get things moving and you’ll get REWARDS for being a wonderful soul putting your faith in what we think is a very interesting project.

Your Guard rewards include everything from screening tickets, signed scripts and more. Also, for larger amounts you could become theead here for everything! producer and there’s also definitely room for those who want to sponsor some screening events. Head here for everything!



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