Watch: Exclusive ‘Love of My Life’ clip starring Anna Chancellor and James Fleet

Joan-Carr Wiggin writes and directs her fifth feature with Love of My Life, and has even made a mini Four Weddings and a Funeral reunion as Anna Chancellor, James Fleet and John Hannah star alongside the talented Hermione Norris, the latter you’ll know from Cold Feet in this comedy-drama. 

Love of My Life tells the story of a woman who discovers she may only have five days left to live.  After a stormy first marriage to a cheating husband, Grace (Chancellor) built the perfect life: a solid second marriage to a good and faithful man (Fleet), two successful daughters, and a dream career as an architect. So when she finds out that she has a potentially fatal brain tumour she accepts her impending demise the way she lives her life, graciously and without fuss… 

We’ll bring you our review soon but first up is an exclusive clip that sees Tom ‘offering himself’ him to Grace, quite amusingly and abashedly, watch below:


Love of My Life is Released in cinemas on 17th February and available to watch on digital download from 20th February 2017



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