Meet Alien: Covenant’s newest Weyland-Yutani synthetic Walter…

On the outside of the film review and critique world, I think there’s a perception you’re supposed to stay reasonably unbiased but with Ridley Scott‘s Alien-related adventures, I find it very difficult to not love much of what’s created beyond those early days. Maybe not AVP [2004] though, that’s pretty bad.

Today we get our first look at the next stage of Weyland-Yutani’s android/synthetics in Alien: Covenant and although it does look identical to Michael Fassbender‘s David it is, instead, Walter and surely he cannot be the same… right? Their press release, which is part of the reason I love the in-world of Alien, says that after the ‘success’ of the David 8 series this is the next stage. I love the mystery, the intrigue and also how deeply disturbing it all feels because – after all – we all know what the androids are capable of, even if they’re not all bad…

“From the launch video released today you can see that the look of the new synthetic remains in tone with previous editions, yet vast improvements have been implemented across its processing core. Higher levels of human interaction, vast array of skills and knowledge, deeper understanding of human empathy and personality levels that will make you come to question if he isn’t, in fact, human.”

By the way if you’re in Devon on May 8, I’m putting on a screening of Alien at the Exeter Picturehouse but need to sell tickets to make it happen – BOOK HERE!

And now, your Walter video:

Alien: Covenant opens on 12 May 2017, for lots of other related goodness click here.



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