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Building my own Back to The Future DeLorean [Parts 12 – 15 Build Blog]

You’ve seen the adverts on TV and in film magazines that say ‘Build Your Own [insert awesome thing here]‘ but it’s not often I take up the challenge, mainly due to time constraints or mountains of other technical or geeky obsessions, but (along with huge love for Back to the Futurebuilding my own DeLorean was too good to miss so with Parts 1-11 already down, we move on and the car really starts to take shape.

I’m signed up for a subscription and get sent 4 magazines and a selection of parts at one time and although you can also do it weekly, I’ve been enjoying the changes by doing it in ‘bulk’. Now it’s onto Parts 12-15 as you’ll get to see the chassis really takes shape.

As you’ve seen before, it had started to really come together but this month I’ve added some final pieces that gives it an extra visible stability. I’m adding the rear left and right wheel hub and suspension, plus axle and brakes plus both rear wheels which means the tyres, rims and hubcaps and you’ll find it hard not to love how it’s starting to look.

It’s true that because you’ve already gone through the process of the front wheels and tyres, this selection of parts isn’t as difficult or challenging as the earlier days but all-in-all it’s still a satisfying selection. It’s also here I learned that despite the fact you’re supplied with a couple of screwdrivers earlier on, you probably want to use your own stronger one when dealing with the strength you need to put into these sections to make them secure. As this was my first, I really am learning all the time.

Next up once you’ve screwed in all the necessary, it really heads to where we all want to be…

There’s something about hitting a certain achievement once all four wheels are on because you can test the steering and see the strength of what you’ve built so far. It’s unexpectedly rewarding but also means you really want to get onto the next sections which isn’t too far away! Look how far we’ve come…

If you want to sign up now to Build Your Own Delorean, from Eaglemoss and Universal, it’s so simple and the promises of ‘ straightforward panels and parts that simply click or screw into place’ are true.

Follow my blog along the way as I endeavour to prove that anyone can do this and it can still be rewarding!

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