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Miles Teller stars in trailer for poignant, powerful PTSD drama ‘Thank You for Your Service’

Based on the book by Pulitzer-Prize winning author and journalist David Finkel, this first trailer for Thank You for Your Service exceeded my initial expectations. There’s no question we do see a lot of war films regarding the Middle-East and sacrifices made by people who give their time and life to the military cause but it’s not often we delve into the very real, and ultimately important, aftermath of PTSD and what happens to soldiers after they return home from conflicts.

After writing American Sniper, Jason Hall steps into his first directorial feature and if this first look is anything to go by, it could definitely be one to look out for. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can, of course, affect all servicemen and women across the Globe but this film focuses specifically on Teller’s character Adam Schuman, the friends he fought alongside and his family. These brief snippets show their struggle to integrate back into everyday life, with the living memory of war still very vivid in their minds.

The choice of song is also interesting because although I thought I’d heard Rag’N’Bone Man’s ‘Human’ a thousand times recently, it really fits and moulds around the narrative. Take a watch below for yourselves, it opens on 27 October in the States, with other opening dates to be confirmed.

Thank You for your Service screens in UK cinemas later this year.

Images: Universal Pictures/DreamWorks

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