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Back Indiegogo short film ‘Puzzle’ – A new drama-fantasy from Barbara Toschi

We’ve often backed interesting independent film projects over the years, and in all kinds of genres, so next on our list of recommendations is short film Puzzle from Barbara Toschi. The campaign has 10 days left to raise less than 50% of their £3,000 flexible funding goal, and so they need you to get to their target!

Led by Toschi, an experienced filmmaker who has worked on features and short films in Brazil and the UK, Puzzle is a drama-fantasy film that gives us a window into the life of our leading character Alice and her relationship with mysterious psychologist, Miriam, who emerges within her friends group a little too often to be a coincidence…

Toschi directs her second film

For me, there’s something interesting and different here and so that’s why I’d encourage you to Back It and get involved. Puzzle also has talented actors attached, see more here, plus the solid base of an experienced director of photography and production manager in place. It seems like an obvious thing but having those people already there is a positive sign of people knowing what they’re doing, and passionate about getting this up and running.

Here’s a little further, official, description and video from Barbara on her second film ,to give you an insight over what she’d love to achieve:

Puzzle explores human nature, emotional complexities and how we deal with situations that cross our paths in life. Being overwhelmed by negative feelings is something that can affect everyone, so I want to create a film that encourages people to find their inner strength. I’m passionate about doing this in a way they can easily relate to the characters in the story.

As always with independent projects who need YOUR help, it’s important to get involved as soon as you can and even more than that… share the word! There are many levels of investment and perks including signed scripts, set visits and producer credits available, depending on how much you’d like to pledge, of course!

Back it now on Indiegogo right here:–6/x/9872619#

Follow and support them on Social Media:


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