We Love Firebox: Celebrate the light as the nights grow darker…

Despite the random change in our weather systems this year, and the odd bout of Sahara desert sand turning the sky apocalyptic, there’s one thing that never fails us this time of year; the nights get darker and the necessity for comfort, candles, Stranger Things and lightsabers is never far away.

Thanks to those funky folk over at Firebox, say that when you’ve had their blue wine, we’ve put together a handy list of items you definitely DO need and want. After all, we’re the kings and queens of awesome pop-culture tie-ins and wouldn’t fail you now… so first up, superb things that burn!

This delectable list begins with the brightest things to keep you company as the darkness rolls in and they are the Mr Stay Puft (£13.99) and Jurassic World-inspired candles. These little beauties don’t just burn and offer no further enjoyment, they’ve got hidden bonus features. Mr Stay Puft not only smells of marshmallow as you burn through his delicious existence (don’t eat it, it’s wax) but also you get to become a Ghostbuster as you watch him burn to the ground. It’s pretty special. It’s probably too enjoyable. Let’s move on.

The other candle is not any old wax, it’s shaped as a bloody brilliant Dinosaur Egg (£29.99) that hatches your very own dino as the candle melts down, think Jurassic Park Raptor eggs and, well, dinosaur eggs because that’s the point. They both look looks super smart and your friends will definitely want their own, be prepared to fight for it or, as another option, distract them with a Game of Thrones-inspired dragon egg which Firebox also do right here.

Luke’s Light Chopsticks – Don’t use the fork, use the chop sabers!

(Darth also available, both £19.99)

If there’s one thing we know about Star Wars, it’s that Luke Skywalker has always loved Sushi *quickly adds it to Wikipedia* and so if you want to be like Luke, and we know you do really, then these lightsabers-style chopsticks are yours forever, and they’re very much re-useable and portable.

These sturdy plastic sticks are detachable from the hilt, so you can wash them easily. They don’t have to be used just for Sushi, you can sit there in your pants and eat whatever you like with them but remember, if you’ve got them, you’re still a Jedi and no-one can take that away from you.

Notes from the Upside Down: Inside the world of Stranger Things by Guy Adams

(Just £12.99)

IT’S STRANGER THINGS WEEK!! Will’s back home and everything is fine, right. Right? Well, word gets around that the Upside Down is still very present so this unofficial book gets you up to speed over everything gone before. Although not ‘officially’ affiliated with the show, it’s actually one of the best tie-ins that I’ve read and very easy to get dragged into all the facts, figures, interviews (and a lot more) that’s been compiled and collected by Guy Adams for Ebury Press, which is part of Penguin Random House.

It really does contain a whole host of good stuff, there’s some interesting film suggestions, if you’re into that late 70s/early 80s film era with top titles like The ‘Burbs, Monster Squad, Phantasm and The Twilight Zone movie. Where’s the ‘light’ element I’ve been following so far in this feature so far? That’s easy, it’s the joy that’ll brighten your day after you’ve got it. #sorrynotsorry #tenuouslink

Luminous tape, yes you read right, LUMINOUS. (Only £7.99)

Finally, and stick with me on this one, when I was kid, this kind of stuff was a ‘must-have’ on your backpack, on your bike and even on your friends face. But now it’s the 21st century and Firebox are offering it to adults for fun purposes and although it can still be used for safe-related-things, we think you could be a bit more inventive and create your own X-Files window, get ready for a night out dancing around in a converted London Underground tunnel or make yourself a very cheap lightsaber.

From a few tests, this really can be used anywhere and is a great addition for the dark nights but probably not recommended for The Dark Knight, as he’s really got that ‘hiding in the shadows’ thing down.

Head to Firebox for more ideas, or hit the price links above for direct information about the products, did we say we’re fans? We are, and we’re not ashamed to say it.

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