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Great trailer for Sir Michael Caine’s must-watch new doc ‘My Generation’

It’s easy to underestimate how much the world changed through the 1960s, after the end of the Second World War some 15 years previous, as the kids of the 60s had a different upbringing and saw an opportunity to change the future, to fight against the ambivalence of society that had vastly changed in a short space of time. My Generation is the real-life documentary, starring and narrated by the legendary Michael Caine, as he re-tells the vivid and inspiring story of his journey through 1960s London.

Based on personal accounts and new archive footage this feature-length doc sees Caine travel back in time to talk to The Beatles, Twiggy, David Bailey, Mary Quant, The Rolling Stones, David Hockney and many other star names. My Generation has been assembled over the last six years by Caine working with producer Simon Fuller, writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais and director David Batty who tell the story of the birth of pop culture in London, through the eyes of the young Michael Caine:

“For the first time in history the young working class stood up for ourselves and said, we’re here, this is our society and we’re not going away!”

Watch the trailer below – This looks fascinating and, given the positive changes happening in society right now, perfect for a new audience to discover:

My Generation uses intercut audio of Caine’s conversations with his co-stars blended with un-seen archive material to take the movie viewer back to the heart of the 1960s. In one poignant sequence we accompany Caine as he drives through Piccadilly Circus today overlaid with original 60s film to create a remarkable time travel effect. We can’t wait to see it in all its glory!

My Generation is only in cinemas on 14 March and will be screened with an exclusive Q&A across the country – Click the link to book with your local Picturehouse:


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