On sale now at Dark Ink: Wonder Woman Warrior by Dan Mumford and Batcave by Chris Kawagiwa [Links]

I’m a huge fan right now of with a whole host of great pop-culture art that’s arriving from the likes of Bottleneck Gallery, Mondo, Gallery 1988 and Dark Ink. Today, with Dark Ink, we’ve got all the news and links you need for two great new prints from the very talented Chris Kawagiwa and Dan Mumford.

Above, and below, is the stunning Wonder Woman Warrior by Dan Mumford and also the mighty Batcave by Chris Kawagiwa. Mumford’s art is a 250 piece hand-numbered silk screen edition, 18″ x 24″ and signed by the artist, with Kawagiwa’s piece also being 18″ x 24″, glow-in-the-dark (!) and a 300 piece hand-numbered lithograph edition.

These are on sale now at Dark Ink if you’re in North America, and they’re co-releasing with Pulse Gallery in the UK, but enough with my rambling…

Your links for Dark Ink (US):

Batcave: http://bit.ly/darkinkBat

Wonder Woman Warrior: http://bit.ly/WWwarrior

Wonder Woman Warrior Variant: http://bit.ly/WWvariant

Batman – Wonder Woman SET: http://bit.ly/wonderbat

And with Pulse Gallery (UK):

Batcave: pulse.gallery/batcave

Wonder Woman Warrior: pulse.gallery/wonder-woman-warrior

Wonder Woman Warrior Variant: pulse.gallery/wonder-woman-warrior-variant

Batman – Wonder Woman SET: pulse.gallery/batcave-wonder-woman-set

Dark Ink is a speciality release site run by Acme Archives located in Burbank, CA.  Our artwork has been officially licensed through Lucasfilm, DreamWorks, Twentieth Century Fox, Microsoft, Saban and Iron Maiden. All prints come with a certificate of authenticity.

More artwork can be found at their other site: Acme Archives Direct





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