Review: DeLorean Motor Company | DMC Alpha Blue Watch

If you’re a regular Instagram user, and a fan of either Back to the Future or the classic DeLorean Motor Company (or both!), then you may have seen adverts coming your way for DMC Watches impressive-looking range. As an admirer of everything I just mentioned, I was eager to find out whether this was just another internet ad that wasn’t exactly what it seemed or if it was well worth picking up.

A closer look at the quality

So I took the plunge with the DMC Alpha Blue, as they also offer a 14 day full-refund, and upon opening the box, I couldn’t have been happier but also positively surprised at both the quality and presentation that instantly shows you the small details noticeably matter. The soft and solid black box that the watch is offered in features both the DMC logo and a smart, silver outline of the famous DeLorean itself, fully reminding us of the connection to DMC. This is backed up even by a unique ‘card’ for this officially licenced watch.

With my Alpha Blue, the strap colour complements the electric blue watch face with a genuine leather finish. It obviously contrasts a little but enough to keep that blue style interesting. The strap is soft leather underneath when it’s on your arm, and the top side is suede-like alongside impressive grey stitching as my images show below, it’s also got a silver back that’s engraved with the car itself. The key point is that it’s a comfortable fit and with a nice weight that backs-up that sincere feeling of true class.

And now some technical details

On the technical side, DMC Watches offers you water resistance up to 100m (300ft), a stainless steel 44mm case with brushed finishing, an IP black bezel and winding crown plus hardened mineral crystal. The wonderful smart mix of black, blue and silver really works, with the dial hands implementing silver and grey, with a red second hand. This DMC Alpha Blue also features an oversized date window and it’s the reason I picked it, while the silver and black version do offer the same, I think this one sets it all off effectively.

In terms of movement, it’s got Japanese Miyota 2315 Movement, they say an accuracy rate of +/- 20 seconds per month, with a 3-yard battery life and – of course – a one-year guarantee on the watch itself.

So, which one should I buy?

To conclude, if you’re thinking of any of these colours then I don’t see why you’d be disappointed at all. The excellence is there, the weight is important and, of course, it looks unquestionably great. I was hopeful it’d fit nicely into what I was after and it does with ease and oozes of style, and I definitely recommend picking your favourite but mine is the Alpha Blue but the rest can be found here


If you love all things DMC, and the Back to the Future association, you might also like to follow my build of the 1:8 Scale of the Doc Brown and Marty McFly DeLorean, and you can find more about by heading here.

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