Christmas Gift Guide 2018: ‘Dark Ink Art’ for great pop culture prints and more!

Here at Critical Popcorn we love Christmas but this isn’t all about us, we also wanted to put together a series of Christmas Gift Guides over the coming weeks that offer something different for you! While we can always mention a movie, how about a stunning print or canvas of a film they love? With this in mind, we’d like to guide towards the team at Dark Ink Art.

First up, check out Andy Fairhurst’s (@Andy_Fairhurst) “Star Wars: Perspectives #4” which focuses on the Dark Side with real sharpness and strength, you can pick up one of these individually at $45 each, that’s about £35 in the UK, or the whole set for $125. This is a 300 piece hand-numbered giclee print edition, they’re 13″ x 19″ and well worth order here: darkinkart.com/perspectives-andy-fairhurst

We really admire these two new works from Rich Davies (@turksworks), who’s already come up with a stellar Star Wars panoramic collection, but how good do these two look? ‘City in the Clouds(http://bit.ly/cloudcitydavies) and ‘Forest Moon Duel‘ (http://bit.ly/forestmoondavies) are only $39.00 each, that’s approx £30 in the UK and from a 295 piece release, all hand-numbered and 27” x 7.2” in size, it’s well worth it.

If you’re contemplating something more seasonal, we’re a big fan of Chris Skinner’s (@SkinnerCreative) Edward Scissorhands “I Have a Present for You” foil variant, it’s from an even more limited run of 150, it’s a silk screen edition, sized 36” x 24” and $70, but don’t forget your discount if you order now: http://bit.ly/edfoilvariant

Finally, and a little more left-field, because you can’t go wrong with a print from the mighty Dan Mumford (@DanMumfordDraws) and we’ve got two absolute killers to recommend! First up, is his Wonder Woman ‘Warrior’ print, one of only 250, at 18” x 24” and is a hand hand-numbered silk screen edition at $50: darkinkart.com/wonder-woman-warrior

And then also Dan’s new one, this Raiders of the Lost Ark-inspired Indiana Jones There is Nothing to Fear Here” – which celebrates the very nature of exploration – with a 250 piece hand-numbered silk screen edition, each print has the artist’s authorised signature and it’s sized 18″ x 24, also at $50: http://bit.ly/nothing2fear

Looking for something even bigger? Head over to Acmearchivesdirect.com site who offer up licensed, official canvas pieces if you’re looking for something more collectable. They’ve got an impressive, official 20th Century Fox pieces that work superbly as presents, plus some stunning original cartoon animation cells from the likes of Family Guy if you’re looking for a really serious and game-changing gift!

We also recommend the UK-based Pulse Gallery: https://pulse.gallery

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