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Christmas Gift Guide 2018: Skyrocket Toys’ ‘Recoil’ Laser Tag

We’ve been testing out RECOIL, a huge new laser tag game that’s arrived from the US and is surely set to be one of the top new tech toys this Christmas in the UK.

Skyrocket Toys‘ say it’s set to ‘revolutionise’ the way we all play, as it turns any indoor or outdoor space into a digitally-enhanced, multiplayer battlefield. They’re encouraging kids to get active, as surely many are concerned about children not getting outside enough, and this kit crosses over good old-fashioned running around with new tech and gaming, as players can compete in teams and can view their scores through the RECOIL Game app.

The App is simple to download and use.


So how did we fare trying it out with my young nephew and niece? Well, it’s now been proven that RECOIL proved an excellent way of getting two kids – who have too much screen time – up and outdoors running, hiding, shouting and shooting at each for 3 hours solid. To be honest, I don’t think we would have got them back indoors if it hadn’t gone dark!

The app enabled games were very intuitive to play, you might need a bit of care when starting the game to make sure both players co-ordinate at the same time/start. The app also downloaded and worked fine on both Android and an iPhone, so you should be covered there. There’s plenty of guidance in the setup to tell you where to get it from and it was easy to find on both of their App Stores.

We also tried it out in in a variety of places. It didn’t really work for us, that’s personally, as an indoor game as there was too much reflection which enabled you to shoot through walls and round corners, but it works brilliantly outdoors. By far, the best location was a park with plenty of trees and bushes to hide behind and if you’ve got that nearby, or just a huge garden or a field that’s safe to play in, well then… you’ll have a lot of fun.

We’d specifically recommend a version that you start with no ammunition and have to collect it before being able to shoot each other. It would be great to be able to extend the game area perhaps by combine multiple base stations or making a more powerful base station and, so, maybe that’s an idea for the next ‘upgrade’ to Skyrocket Toys? Ah, go on!

Some technical details

  • They use in-ear surround sound, haptic response weaponry, and smartphone integrated gameplay.
  • You get a Wi-Fi hub that broadcasts a 500-foot diameter “playing field,” up to 16 players have lots of space to duck, hide, and attack using guns that attach to a phone for an augmented-reality experience.
  • It’s aimed at kids aged 12 years and over but works for anyone around that age, and older!

How do I order?

While it retails at £89.99, currently Amazon are doing it for a stunning £44.99, we’d say get on it at that price and quickly!

Order now: https://amzn.to/2BKvN24



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