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Watch Rob Savage’s sublime short horror ‘Salt’, starring Alice Lowe, right now!

Always intrigued by short films and mini-projects, Salt is a new short horror film from Rob Savage (Dawn Of The Deaf, Strings) which stars Alice Lowe and is just over 2 minutes of absolutely superb work and we had to share it with you all.

It takes a huge amount of effort and talent to get a story across and captivate your audience in such a short space of time but Salt does it, and then some. Savage is slated as one of the best new directors working in the UK today, and was named one of Screen’s Stars Of Tomorrow. His last short, Dawn Of The Deaf, received multiple awards, and viral fame, and this new horror film – released towards the end of last year – raises the stakes spotlights his and his regular crew’s talents.

Considering Salt is only 2 minutes long, this packs in a whole host of jumps, unknowns and story-progression, in fact, it’s absolutely phenomenal what’s achieved in such a short space of time and really sets the bar as both an inspiration and example of what you can achieve with a great idea. Alongside Lowe, the short film stars Beau Gadsdon and it was made on a shoestring budget, want to watch it now? You can..!

Watch it on Vimeo below and follow Rob on Twitter:


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