The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is moving to London’s West End!

Let’s face it, if you’re of a certain era then you’ll know, and I’m sure have a lot of fondness, for The Crystal Maze in some form or another. It’s also picked up a lot of new fans since its re-release with Richard Ayoade as host and now… in case you’ve not seen it before… you can get together a team and have a go at the legendary Crystal Maze yourselves because we’re excited to announce that The Crystal Maze Live Experience is moving to London’s West End and will be bigger and better than ever!

Setting up to open its doors on Friday 29th March 2019, and following a significant investment of more than 5 million pounds, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is doubling in size, as the much-loved, interactive experience will be able to take on triple the number of folks in its new location, the London Trocadero. In fact, there will be a grand total of 32 incredible new games to experience, which can be played by a younger audience of 13 years and over due to widespread demand.

Responding to demand for fans of the iconic 90s TV show, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is providing all-day opening hours and on-the-day ticket purchases too (BUT REMEMBER… booking in advance is essential to avoid disappointment). There’s also a new Maze Bar, so you can celebrate your successes and laugh at your failures, after taking on the interactive games hosted by the eccentric Maze Masters.

Spotted carting essential maze artefacts across London, the Maze Masters have been helping with the big move by packing up boxes of crystals, gold and silver tokens and Aztec sand, to their soon-to-be new home on Shaftesbury Avenue.

If this sounds like the experience for you to either drown your sorrows or celebrate on the day of Brexit – sorry to mention it at all! – do visit the new West End maze on its opening day and beyond!

Book here: www.the-crystal-maze.com

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