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Review: Canada Now UK film festival opens with Keith Behrman’s Giant Little Ones

Featuring a wealth of exciting and innovative films produced in Canada, the Canada Now UK film festival kicked off to a brilliant start with their opening premiere of Giant Little Ones on Wednesday night. Fans and film lovers alike were queued up outside of the Curzon Soho waiting for the chance to get a ticket, and the festival has truly been one not to miss. 

The Canada Now film festival is an inspiring event, bringing a range of different Canadian films to the UK, and around the world on a tour. Many fans in particular expressed their excitement at one of the most unique films being shown, Edge of the Knife, which is filmed in an indigenous language spoken by only twenty remaining people and feared to soon become extinct.

Edge of the Knife

To open the festival, Telefilm Canada chose an exceptional film to get things going: Giant Little Ones. The film has just been picked up by Lionsgate and so should be coming to cinemas nationally in the autumn. It was a remarkable piece, made even more special by Director and Writer Keith Behrman’s presence in the audience and the insightful Q&A he did on stage afterwards.

Giant Little Ones

Giant Little Ones is a beautiful tale of friendship, love and loss, following the relationship between two childhood best friends and how they navigate the changing dynamics in their relationship when they become teenagers. Treating its characters with great love and gentleness, it was a strikingly emotional story on different levels and clearly spoke to the emotions of many audience members. The film tackles sexuality in a refreshingly fluid way, refusing to label its characters. This was a strong theme throughout, celebrating the ability and freedom of characters to change their minds– whether it be through rescuing a relationship with a parent, forgiving those around them, or escaping from a label that no longer fits them.

Behrman’s film could not be a more perfect reflection of the rising prominence of Canadian film and the festival is the perfect place to get a sense for the exciting projects to come from the country. Surrounded by fans and people genuinely interested in exploring what Canada has to offer, it truly is an event not to be missed for film lovers.

The Canada Now UK film festival has been running from 24- 28 April, it starts touring the UK on 1 May, find out more by clicking here!


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