Featurette: Get 26% more picture by seeing Spider-Man: Far from Home in IMAX!

We’ve recently been checking out a lot of the latest cinema releases in IMAX because we believe it’s one of the finest ways to really immerse inside the cinema experience! With the return of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far From Home, our friends at IMAX wanted to make sure everyone knows that the film will be specially formatted exclusively for IMAX cinemas with select sequences, approximately 47 minutes, the screen will expand and IMAX audiences will see up to 26% more picture than standard cinemas. Oh yeah! 

Check out the featurette below, which shows you how you’ll get more picture AND the best vantage point possible as Spider-Man swings through cities around the world:

Don’t forget to read our review here and pick up your IMAX tickets here – Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into IMAX cinemas on July 2!


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