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Huge new 6-part documentary series ‘This Is Football’ confirmed to air this August

6-part doc series, This Is Football, exploring the stories and passion of football has been confirmed that it’s coming to Amazon Prime Video this August, just in time for the new season!

Love it or hate it, I love it, you cannot deny the global appeal of football at every level, whether you’re a superstar or a Sunday league legend, once you’ve chosen your team as a kid (or your team chooses you), it simply never leaves you through all the joy and anguish.

So the announcement that Amazon Prime Video has secured This Is Football, a six-part premium documentary event series exploring the emotions, stories, passions and triumphs at the heart of the world’s most loved sport, sounds like one I’ll definitely be watching when it launches 2nd August 2019 exclusively on Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide:

Here’s some official breakdown and the trailer:

This Is Football (6 shows at 60 mins each) unpacks the unique phenomenon that grips and unifies billions of people from every corner of the globe. Across the episodes universal themes of the human experience are explored: 

  • Redemption– football’s uplifting role in rebuilding the soul of Rwanda after the genocide.

  • Belief– the inspirational rise of women’s football and two teams who gave everything to make it happen.

  • Chance– the agony and the ecstasy of the fates that humble champions and keep every fan believing in the impossible.

  • Love– four stories from every corner of the earth where the love of the game transcends adversity.

  • Pride– how Iceland’s football Vikings take on the world and give every underdog hope.

  • Wonder– unlocking the secrets of Lionel Messi’s genius and the global delight of watching him play.

The series is written and co-created by award-winning foreign correspondent and sports author John Carlin (Invictus), based on an original idea by Carlin and Raimon Masllorens. The films are directed by a team of award winning directors and producers led by Creative Director James Erskine and Series Executive Producer, Jos Cushing. The series is scored by Grammy Award-winning and Emmy-nominated composer, Lorne Balfe (Inception). 

Filmed across the globe from Iceland to Argentina, Spain to Rwanda, China to the United States, and including a glittering cast of characters from legendary players to presidents, poets to priests, managers to mathematicians, This is Football creates a unique and timeless portrait of the game and humanity itself and streams from 2nd August:

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