Just Announced! Secret Cinema to expand into China with SMG Live partnership

Well, this is literally HUGE news! The inventive and all-immersive Secret Cinema have announced they’re expanding and the first international stop is… China!

We’ve been told that they’ll be taking the record-breaking production of Casino Royale, read our own review here, and it’s set to launch in Shanghai on 23rd November 2019. Secret Cinema will partner with SMG Live to present the experience. This wonderfully British phenomenon has thrilled audiences in the UK for over 12 years and really has revolutionised the way people experience culture with its ground-breaking event format and immersive storytelling.

Founded back in 2007, by film enthusiast and entrepreneur Fabien Riggall, Secret Cinema fuses music, art, theatre, and dance to create elaborate worlds, where fiction lives and breathes. Placing the audience at the heart of the action, blurring boundaries, and celebrating great stories by bringing them to life.  Over the last 12 years, there’s been over 70 Secret Cinema productions, from grassroots film screenings to large scale productions of cinematic classics in huge warehouse spaces where thousands of people attend and participate each night. 

Audiences become part of the story from the moment they buy a ticket, where they are assigned a character and are transcended into the pre show narrative.  When they arrive at the show, they step into the world of the film, become their character and uncover secret storylines before watching a screening that is brought to life before their very eyes. 

SMG is one of the largest media and entertainment businesses in China and its performing arts and live entertainment division, SMG Live has curated hundreds of award-winning productions.  SMG Live will have the exclusive license to present Secret Cinema’s production of Casino Royale in Shanghai.

Riggall, Creator and Chief Creative Officer of Secret Cinema, had this to say:

I created Secret Cinema in 2007 to reinvent the cinema experience allowing participants to live inside the movies. It’s always been my dream to bring it to other parts of the world and now with the support of an amazing team we are able to make this happen.  China is the largest film market in the world with a rich cinematic heritage with some of my favourite films, Chen Kaige’s Farewell my Concubine, Wong Kar Wai’s in the mood for Love and Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It’s been amazing to see Secret Cinema become a cultural phenomenon here in the UK, and we’ve loved thrilling audiences with small and large scale productions of cult cinematic classics such as Back to the Future, Blade Runner and Star Wars. SMG Live’s heritage and production experience makes it the perfect partner to bring the concept of Secret Cinema to life in China.”

SMG presents Secret Cinema’s production of Casino Royale, in Shanghai on 23rd November 2019.

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