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Watch the intense trailer for Dark Waters starring Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway

While films based on true stories are definitely all the rage right now, you’d think you’d get a little weary but Dark Waters looks like another intense, important watch.

Starring Mark Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway, Dark Waters hits UK cinemas on 24 January 2020 and is based on the shocking true story of tenacious attorney Robert Bilott (Ruffalo) who uncovers truths that connect together a number of unexplained deaths, caused by one of the world’s largest corporations.

With a screenplay from Matthew Carnahan and direction from Todd Haynes, who was also behind the exceptional Carol and Far from Heaven, this one does feel timely. While they say the entertainment of the time reflects societies desires, Dark Waters very much is another deep delve for the truth and is one I’ll keep an eye out for. It also boasts an impressive co-starring cast including Tim Robbins, Bill Camp, Victor Garber, Mare Winningham, William Jackson Harper, and Bill Pullman.

Watch the trailer now:

Dark Waters comes to UK cinemas on 24 January 2020.



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