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Check out the impressive trailer for Joy Wilkinson’s short film Ma’am

From writer-director Joy Wilkinson, Ma’am is an exciting new short film featuring Queen Victoria as you’ve never seen her before!

Ma’am won Bumble’s Female Film Force, an initiative created by the female-led social networking app to help more women fulfil their dreams of directing, and launches at Bumble’s exclusive London screening in February. The film will also be previewed at festivals worldwide.

Here’s the synopsis:

Ma’am is the story of Queen Victoria as the original Instamum, struggling with post-natal depression while facing a photo shoot to show off her perfect family to the world. A dark, funny and moving story of a woman spiralling under the pressure of expectations.

Consider us sold! From that synopsis alone, Ma’am promises a more insightful and intimate glimpse into the famous monarch’s private life then ever before. Check out the trailer below:

Ma’am is written and directed by Joy Wilkinson (Doctor Who, The Watch), produced by Jude Goldrei and Rebecca Wolff, and stars Jessica Regan as Queen Victoria, alongside David Ricardo-Pearce, Adam Gillen and Ebony Jonelle in supporting roles.

To find out more about Bumble’s Female Film Force, check out their website. You can also follow Ma’am on Twitter for further updates.


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