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Kickstart This: Upcoming indie short ‘I Love You, Guys’

If there’s a couple of things we need right now, more than ever, it’s positive projects and help with our mental health. So, with that in mind, we had to direct you towards Kickstarter projectI Love You, Guys‘, a short film that’s about music, fame, pain and ultimately, love. They say “think A Star Is Born meets I, Tonya, with a hint of Her.

The team are part crowd-funding on Kickstarter and have raised nearly two-thirds of their goal but have a week to hit that wider target! With the cast and core crew in place, they still need your help to get this great-sounding project underway. What’s better than a future positive to focus on, which is surely something we’d all love right now, as well as helping some indie filmmakers! I’ve added some official background below, and click here to find out how to back it and don’t forget about the perks!

The story centres around Sky, one of the brightest emerging talents in the music industry. Whilst Sky’s public persona is all sugar and rainbows, she secretly battles with the pressures of fame, the pain of her past, and the fear of her future. With a huge show looming, it’s make or break time for Sky. If she can overcome her issues, she may get everything she’s been working towards her whole life. But will that be enough?

Why Does The World Need This Film?

This film isn’t only going to be entertaining and visually stunning, but will also pack an emotional punch and carry important messages. We will be using this film to reinforce and spread the message that it is okay to struggle, and it is okay to need help. For our lead character, Sky, reaching out for support is something she really struggles with, but our story will prove that speaking up and letting people in doesn’t make you weak. Sky also identifies as LGBTQ+, and her rise to fame has exacerbated the anxieties of being openly gay, and in many ways, leads to the breakdown of her relationship with ex-girlfriend Taylor.  In the film, the idea of being open and honest and accepting who you are will underpin the central theme.   

From writer Cory Varney, director Billie Rogan and cast Becky Bush, Cecilia Crossland, and Pedro Leandro – The goal of their Kickstarter campaign is to raise £6,500, and despite everything going on in the world, they recently passed the £4,500 mark. They even managed to become the number 1 trending film project on Kickstarter in the UK, too!

Check out the project’s Kickstarter page here and see what kind of perks you can pick up as a reward for your support too.


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