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Spree, starring Joe Keery and Sasheer Zamata, set for UK cinema release from 14 August!

Now this is a definite – and literal – wild-ride, with Joe Keery taking the kind of film-role route that the likes of Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe have, basically a long-shot away from his previous role in Stranger Things and… I love it!

Directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko, Spree focuses around a rideshare driver, who’s so desperate for fame and attention that he’ll stop at nothing to go viral. Keery plays Kurt Kunkle, who plans to livestream a rampage, as a shortcut to infamy. Coining his evil scheme “#thelesson” he installs a set of cameras in his car and begins streaming his rides…. Kurt picks up passengers, only to dispense with them for the pleasure of his viewers but… wait, he doesn’t have any!

In the middle of all this madness, Jessie Adams (Zamata), a stand-up comedian with her own viral agenda, crosses Kurt’s path and becomes our only hope to put a stop to his misguided carnage. Check out the trailer, it also co-stars David Arquette and Mischa Barton!

Vertigo Releasing presents… Spree, released in UK cinemas from 14th August 2020 

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