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Sir David Attenborough, Hans Zimmer and Dave unite for Planet Earth: A Celebration

While the new Sir David Attenborough film A Life on our Planet has been delayed until September, we’ve now got even more Attenborough goodness to look forward to with the upcoming one-off Planet Earth: A Celebration, which is heading to BBC One soon.

What makes this particularly special is that he’s also teaming up with superstar composer Hans Zimmer and British rapper Dave for the special Natural History event. This special one-hour programme brings together eight of the most extraordinary sequences from Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II, and they also promise a stunning musical performance to get our spirits up.

For Planet Earth: A Celebration, Sir David has recorded a new narration for the programme. We’ll travel around the world, from the East Cape of South Africa to the north of Norway, from Chile to the Indian Ocean, to see how animals overcome adversity to survive and thrive in some of the world’s most challenging environments – with the plan to offer a message of hope to humanity.

To accompany these sequences, Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea and the team at Bleeding Fingers have created brand new compositions, and rearranged original scores, for this exciting, joyful and adrenaline packed journey round the world. The string section of the score is performed in a socially distanced space by the BBC Concert Orchestra, and accompanied by Brit and Mercury Award-winning UK rapper Dave, who will be featured performing on the grand piano, had this to say:

“I’ve always been fan of powerful natural history documentaries. This is a programme where nature and music come together, so it was only right that I lent my talent, my time, and my attention to this project. It was a pleasure to work alongside Sir David Attenborough and Hans Zimmer.”

Are you excited? We’re very excited! Planet Earth: A Celebration sounds like the perfect escape right now, and we’ll bring you the latest when we hear its official air date.


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